"Thanks so much, Jesse! You rock!!!"


Jesse was an incredibly engaging speaker that left our students truly inspired by his life story, his impressive accomplishments, and his strong, empowering messages. The energy and enthusiasm he brought into the room was uplifting, and we are beyond grateful to have heard him speak. He had the students laughing, amazed by his journey, and feeling passionate about pursuing their goals, in which Jesse is living proof that it is possible. He is an awesome speaker, and we are all so pumped to read his books! Thanks so much, Jesse! You rock!!!"

Seriously, Jesse, you were amazing! We are so lucky you came to speak today!! I cannot thank you enough! Your work you have done for kids and also veterans is simply heartwarming. Again, we loved  having you! You are such a cool guy!!

Please let me know if you need anything else at all :)

Jan Doyle


Resiliency Preparatory School

Fall River, MA 


"a refreshing style that even our superintendent emulated the following year "


Hull High School seniors were fortunate to hear Jesse’s message about setting goals, reaching your dreams, and using failure as a platform for success. Not only was Jesse’s upbeat presentation engaging, it fit in perfectly on our seniors’ last day of school. Jesse boasted a refreshing style that even our superintendent emulated the following year on teacher back-to-school day. Ultimately, “The Machine” Jesse Green’s advice for living a happier life resonates with people of all ages and we look forward to hearing from him again!

Karissa Connors


Hull HIgh School

Hull, MA


"the perfect combination of funny and serious."


I haven't seen a group of fifth graders so engaged by a speaker in a long time! "The Machine" Jesse Green's presentation was the perfect combination of funny and serious. The overarching message - you can do anything you set your mind to - left our students (and faculty!) feeling truly inspired. 

Elizabeth Burt


Mayo Elementary School


(Pictured: 3rd-graders in Sudbury, MA)


Hi Jesse,

On behalf of the 5th grade team, thanks so much for coming to Mayo Elementary this past Friday. Our students thoroughly enjoyed your engaging stories that documented your journey toward fame as a Chainsaw Wood Sculptor.  Your energy and enthusiasm were infectious! Your message---to follow your dreams no matter how hard---was powerful and inspiring, and one that our students will carry with them for years to come. Thanks so much for sharing your tales and for inspiring a new generation to reach for the stars.

Best Wishes,

Becca Miller

5th Grade Teacher

Leroy E. Mayo Elementary School

Holden, MA


"thoughtful, emotional, and inspirational "


A massive shout out to Jesse Green for the thoughtful, emotional, and inspirational presentation he gave to my students this afternoon! You are a true renaissance man!

Shawn Connors


South Shore Charter School

Norwell, MA


motivational speaker public speaking motivational speaking

"had my son, his classmates, and all the teachers completely enthralled."


"The Machine" Jesse Green's entertaining presentation and wonderful personality had my son, his classmates, and all the teachers completely enthralled. More importantly, Jesse's message is _exactly_ what our children and youth need to hear -- that by combining goals with planning and perseverance, you can overcome obstacles and accomplish your dreams.

Debbie Femia

Parent Volunteer


"You were a big hit!!!"


Hey Jesse

Thank you so much for stopping by PJP. You were a big hit!!! The students were enamored by your presence and truly inspired by your story. Keep being awesome and keep sharing that awesomeness with others. 

Again thank you

David Acerra


Paul J. Primavera Jr./Sr. High School

Bellingham, MA 02019


motivational speaker public speaking motivational speaking

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