An easy, fun and fully customizable show!

Q~ Are there any actual chainsaws involved in the live motivational show?

A~ No. It's just a fun slide show, bro.

Q~ Could actual chainsaws be involved if we really wanted there to be?

A~ Haha, sure. Email me and let's talk.

Q~ What do you mean by "fully customizable show"?

A~ I do an elementary school version, a middle school version, a high school/ college version and an adult/ corporate version.

Q~How long is the show?

A~ About 40 - 45 minutes.

Q~Can we film the show?

A~ Absolutely!

Q~ Can we use pics/ video from your websites/ social media to promote your visit?

A~ Absolutely!

Q~ Can we use pics/ video taken during the show on our websites/ social media?

A~ Absolutely!

Q~ What do you need from us for equipment?

A~ I have everything I need but we can certainly coordinate on technology to make it even easier.

Q~ What size audience do you prefer?

A~ The bigger the better. No limit. 

Q~ Can there be Q&A after the show?

A~ Absolutely! 

Q~ Could you stay and spend additional time with our students/ attendees afterward?

A~ Absolutely! Email me and let's discuss it.

Q~ Can we get one of those wicked awesome, big, giant mascot sculptures as part of the deal?!

A~ Absolutely! Email me for pricing and details.

Q~ Do you trim your beard with a chainsaw?

A~ Totally. 

Q~ Do you sleep with your sunglasses on?

A~ As far as you know. 

Q~ How much does it cost?

A~ For pricing info click here: